Safety and quality on the jobsite

Refractories Experience’s services include demolition and reconstruction, both partial and total, of the refractory structure, hot works, refractory supply, steel structures, draining, heating-up, cullet fill, combustion units and automation and control systems.

Our service includes the three types of furnaces for the production of hollow glass:

“End fire” regenerative furnace
Recovering furnace
Furnace “Cross Fire”

All personnel have 30 years’ experience in the field of refractory construction, both in Italy and abroad; our technicians have worked in countries such as Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Nigeria, Israel, Lebanon, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Indonesia, etc.

The company can provide continuous and/or scheduled maintenance, whether the plant is operative (if necessary) or not. Moreover, intervention may also be carried out on short notice. Refractories Experience has the equipment and machinery necessary for demolition and refractory installation, and its workers have the skills and training necessary for these operations.
All personnel are trained and informed about health and safety, in accordance with the Italian Legislative Decree n. 81/08 and European Safety Rules. Staff training is constantly kept up to date thanks to attending updating courses. The company has workers that are responsible for checking that the work site fulfils health and safety rules and that prepare documentation necessary for jobsite start up (Health and Safety Plan, Operative Plan etc.)
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